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1. Overall, how do you rate the business climate for your industry in 2017?

69% rate the 2017 business climate good to excellent for their industry

10% rated it excellent
59% rated it good
29% rated it fair
2% rated it poor

2. How do you rate your company’s prospects for business in 2017?

76% rate their company’s 2017 prospects for business good to excellent

14% rated it excellent
62% rated it good
21% rated it fair
3% rated it poor

3. Compared to 2016, you expect your company’s 2017 sales prospects to:

82% expect their company’s sales to increase in 2017

23% expect growth of more than 10%
38% expect  5-10% increase
21% expect less than 5% increase
17% expect no increase
2% expect decrease in sales

4. Will your company be investing in new or upgraded equipment in 2017?

56% will be investing in new or upgraded equipment in 2017

31% were not sure
13% said no

5. When making purchases such as equipment and upgrades, how important are the following in the decision-making process?

90% said receiving support from suppliers is important when making purchasing decisions of equipment and upgrades

86% said seeing equipment first-hand is important

76% said meeting face-to-face with product experts is important

Very Important Somewhat important
Seeing equipment first-hand 37% 49%
Meeting face-to-face with product experts 36% 40%
Receiving support from suppliers 63% 27%
Initial costs 59% 32%
Operational and maintenance costs 54% 36%
Securing warranty for equipment 43% 43%

Source: December 2016 Chem Show survey sent to over 10,000 chemical and other processing manufacturers, equipment suppliers, design/engineering firms, and other industry professionals.
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