Advance Products & Systems, LLC Announces Availability of Extreme Temperature Isolation Gasket Kits Made in the USA

LAFAYETTE, LA – April 12, 2017 –  Integra SSAXT Cathodic Isolation Gasket Kits — Advance Products & Systems, LLC now offers the Integra SSAXT Extreme Temperature Gasket Kits, which are exceptionally dependable for isolating and sealing Severe Service applications. The SSAXT is designed to handle applications that have operating temperatures to 800°F and are suitable for all severe service applications up to and including ANSI 2500# and API 10,000 classes. Isolation Kits include Integra SSAXT Extreme Temperature gasket, mica sleeves, and isolating washers with 316 stainless steel back-up washers.

The SSAXT combines the reliability of a Kamm-profile retainer with the high temperature capabilities utilizing engineered mica seals. The engineered mica seals are effective at sealing across a wide range of chemicals, hydrocarbons, and gaseous mixtures, as well as maintaining sealing at elevated temperatures. Unlike glass reinforced epoxy resin isolation gaskets, the SSAXT gasket is compatible for steam applications with low moisture absorption.  This isolating kit was created to meet the high demands of our customers for an extreme temperature, cathodic protection gasket in severe temperature applications.

Founded in 1978, Advance Products & Systems, LLC is a leading manufacturer and distributor of oil and gas, water and wastewater, industrial and mechanical, and chemical pipeline and piping products. APS is committed to offering a wide range of quality products and services designed to protect the integrity of the pipeline.

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