Changes on the Horizon for the Biofuel Industry

Komax Systems Offering Technology Rated for Efficiency

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA — May 17, 2017 —  Changes in governments across the world, focus on biofuels is shifting faster than ever. Legislation means big changes are ahead for the industry as a whole, in many cases, efficiency is the new keyword. The technology behind Komax Systems’ Scepter Tank Heater helps to meet the needs for efficiency within the processing phase.

Enter the Scepter Tank Heater from Komax
Often attaining the efficiency needed to support the level of investment comes from better equipment, and the Scepter Tank Heater is working to show that is possible.

The Scepter Tank Heater is a versatile series of steam heaters designed for the direct injection of steam into tanks for heating water compatible products to create the heat necessary for biofuel production in a quiet, vibration free environment. No matter the application, the Scepter Tank Heater creates a strong stirring action that keeps both solids and particulates in suspension. Momentum from the stirring action with the exiting steam produce complete contacting of steam and the product to be heated creating uniform temperature throughout the tank volume.

Efficiency and Simplicity
Efficiency isn’t just about time savings, in many cases, it’s about simplicity. The Komax Scepter Tank Heater has no moving parts, no auxiliary air supply is required. “We’ve measured 100% efficiency in our installations. The Scepter Tank Heater changes tank heating dramatically by heating the tank within minutes and provided uniform temperature throughout. It truly is more efficient,” said Alphonse Mendy, Applications Specialist.

The Added Bonus
“We’ve created a piece of equipment that is incredibly durable. Using our clients desired material of construction from Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel or Teflon-Kynar lined Scepter Tank Heaters will last decades. The Scepter Tank Heater can be manufactured in 1” through 10” inch pipe sizes, mounted above, below, or through a side port in the tank. It is designed for today’s companies no matter what size or material they may need,” said Frank Estrada/Production Manager.

The biofuel industry may be growing, but one thing remains true – Komax continues to provide the equipment necessary to move the industry forward.

About Us!
Komax Systems, Inc. loves a challenge! We will work with you to design a solution that fits your static mixing and steam heating needs! With our in-house CFD Design we make sure our products are designed to meet your desired outcome!

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