There is No Escape from KNF Leak-Tight Gas Pumps

TRENTON, NJ –  October 2, 2017  –  KNF double-diaphragm, oil-free pumps are designed for the safe transport and evacuation of costly, high purity, rare and/or dangerous gases. With our patented double diaphragm system, the primary diaphragm does the work, while the safety back-up diaphragm keeps gas from escaping in the event of a failure. Additionally, the pump is designed to prevent contamination from external influences. Numerous cost-effective options are available, including active interdiaphragm leak monitoring, material and motor choices, and multiple levels of leak testing. When escape is not an option, think KNF.
These pumps are particularly well-suited for many chemical, nuclear, or process engineering applications including: gas sampling and monitoring, cryostats, pulse tube and dilution refrigeration, and helium liquefiers.
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About KNF Neuberger
Located in Trenton, NJ, KNF Neuberger, Inc. is a leader in precision air, liquid and gas pumps and systems for the OEM, laboratory and process industries. KNF provides technical expertise and manufacturing leadership to wet chemistry labs across the globe. Products span customers’ needs from vacuum systems to rotary evaporation and distillation, vacuum concentration, filtration, degassing apparatuses, gel dryers, ovens and most common laboratory applications requiring vacuum or liquid transfer/dosing. Developed to thrive in labs with green initiatives, KNF pumps are oil-free, compact, and energy-efficient. For more information, visit

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